Studying for the CISSP is different for everyone but these are the resources, aside from tons of Google and flash cards, that worked for me:

Books I Used In Order Of Usefulness . . .

1)  (ISC)2 CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide aka the Sybex Book – This to me was the best of both worlds:  Super in depth when necessary and short and sweet when not.  This was my primary study guide.

 2) CISSP Study Guide – aka the Conrad Book – This book was a great introduction into the domains the CISSP covers.  You will likely not pass the exam with this book alone but it has a ton of great information and is short and sweet.  With this and Sybex you should be covered.

 3) CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide – aka the Shon Harris Book – A phenomenal amount of information and a fantastic reference. I wouldn’t use it for much more than reference though as it’s far too deep and you may find yourself bogged down by it.

Digital Resources . . .

  • Reddit CISSP Group (Free): A phenomenal group of dedicated cyber security professionals and students. I highly recommend for moral support and for quick and thorough answers to your questions.  Careful: Trolls lurk there.  Do your best to ignore them.
  • Kelly Handerhan on Cybrary (Free): Kelly is ubiquitous in the cyber security world particularly in the CISSP space.  These videos are old-ish but free and SUPER helpful.  Watch them all!
  • Sunflower PDF (Free): An amazingly short document that literally has just about every answer you need for the exam.  I recommend you use this towards the end of your studies to confirm that you have learned all you need for the exam.
  • IT Dojo (Free): This guy has loads great short question of the day videos on YouTube.  Very good for gauging where you are at in terms of knowledge areas.
  • McGraw Hill – Shon Harris CISSP Practice exams (Free): This exam bank is not for the faint of heart, but don’t get discouraged.  Use them to supplement your studies, but don’t worry if you find yourself surprised at the difficult and depth of the questions.
  • CISSP Pocket Prep (iOS) (Free): This one is by far the best free iOS app for studies.
  • Cyber Nuggets by Keith Barker (Free 7 Day Trial) (Free): Very cool illustration style helps to explain complex answers.  This is a great last week study guide.
  • Kelly Handerhan: Knowing the CISSP Mindset: How to Pass (Free):  An excellent video from Kelly H. putting you in the right frame of mind for passing the exam.
  • Larry Greenblatt:CISSP 2018 Exam Tips(Free): Greenblatt is an amazing teacher and has loads of videos on YouTube.  This guy will definitely guide you towards the way you need to be thinking in order to pass the exam.
  • ISC2 Code of Ethics “Canons” (Free): Memorize them, not just because you will need them for the exam, but because they are the guiding philosophy behind being a CISSP.
  • Sybex Practice Banks ($) – Free w/purchase of Sybex book – Very useful for learning and assessing where you are at in your studies.
  • Transcender Cybrary Practice Exams ($): Frankly I can’t remember much about these although I paid for them so I must have found them useful.